Top Surgery

Gender affirming surgery that includes chest construction and breast construction procedures

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The goal of top surgery is to flatten the chest by removing the large majority of the chest’s glandular tissue, some of the chest’s extra fat tissue and, if present, extra skin.

Top surgery is performed to flatten the chest and remove excess tissue. The goal is to make the chest feel and look closer to the way you want and feel, and to remove the psychological stress that goes with unwanted tissue on the chest. The procedure can also modify the nipples and provide skin contour to the chest area.

What to expect?

The procedure is completed under general anesthesia. The surgical approach used by Dr. Klok will depend on the size of the breasts and the overall goals of the patient.

How long does it take to recover?

It is best to avoid strenuous activity after the procedure. Some swelling and discomfort in the treatment area is expected but will subside over the course of a few weeks to months following surgery.

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