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Medical grade chemical peels work to improve the health of your skin through exfoliation and cellular stimulation. They are beneficial for any skin type or colour and can treat a number of skin conditions. Medical grade chemical peels work at the cellular level to target and treat acne, melasma, discolouration, sun damage, fine lines, large pores and dullness. The result is softer, smoother skin. Chemical peels can be effective in treating acne, and in improving congested skin, acne scarring, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

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What to expect?

The treatment takes 25-40 minutes. Before the appointment for a deeper peel, a mild sedative or topical numbing treatment may be applied to minimize discomfort (no anesthesia or local numbing is required for light to medium depth peels). Skin is cleansed and dried thoroughly prior to the application. Doctor will apply a chemical solution to the skin. You may notice mild tingling or discomfort as the solution soaks into the skin’s surface. Depending on the treatment, the doctor will then apply a neutralizing agent to the skin.

Mild and temporary post-treatment side effects may include:

  • Same Day: redness, tingling, slight burning
  • 1-2 Days: dryness, irritation, mild swelling
  • 2-3 Days: flaking skin, more noticeable imperfections
  • 3-4 Days: acne breakout, skin looks darker and patchy, flaking or peeling skin
  • 5-7 Days: side effects should begin to subside and skin will begin to look and feel normal
  • 7-14 Days: full results of healthy, new skin. Some redness or patchy areas may be noticeable for up to one month.

How long will it last?

Results are noticeable immediately after treatment. Duration of results vary from two months to 10+ years, depending on the depth and strength of the chemical peel used, which is determined with your physician prior to treatment. Your skin type, skin condition and the issues that you are treating with the chemical peel also greatly impacts how long results last.

Patients can wear make-up within 24 hours and return to daily activity.

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SkinONE Acne Peel Facial

The SkinONE Acne Peel Facial combines The ZO Ossential Stimulator chemical peel, also known as the "Red Carpet Peel," which instantly delivers a nice glow to the skin, with the ZO complexion clearing mask to help combat all signs of acne. This mild peel exfoliates dead skin cells to reverse the effects of aging, sun damage, and environmental stresses. The ZO complexion clearing mask helps to purify pores and absorbs excess oil that can lead to future breakouts, while hydrating the skin to combat dryness. The result is a quick glow without any peeling or downtime.

  • Indications: active acne, blackheads, whiteheads, inflammation caused by acne

SkinONE Brightening Peel Facial

The SkinONE Brightening Peel Facial combines the The ZO Ossential Stimulator chemical peel, also known as the "Red Carpet Peel," which instantly delivers a nice glow to the skin with the Ossential Skin Brightening Sheet Masque to brighten skin for a fresher, cleaner and more youthful appearance. This mild peel exfoliates dead skin cells to reverse the effects of aging, sun damage, and environmental stresses. The result is a quick glow without any peeling or downtime.

  • Indications : antiaging, pigmentation, glowing skin, brightening, sun damage, clogged pores, texture and tone.

SkinONE Advanced Facial - Jessner (Severe Acne or Melasma)

The SkinONE Advanced Facial (Jessner Peel) is one of the most advance Peels to date, with the combination of 14% Lactic Acid, 14% Resorcinol and 14% Salicylic Acid this medium-depth chemical peel exfoliates the skin's outer layer in order to create a smoother, fresher appearance, with improved tone and texture.

This peel reduces pigmentation, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, reduces the appearance of acne and acne scars as well as helps to treat melasma. The SkinONE Advanced Facial can help you maintain a healthy, younger skin .

  • Indications: dark patches, age spots, even out skin tone and texture, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, melasma, hyperpigmentation, active acne, blackheads, acne scars

SkinONE Gentle Brightening Peel Facial (for dry/sensitive skin)

The SkinONE Gentle Brightening Peel Facial is perfect for your face, neck, and chest. With the combination of 10% Lactic acid, 2% Salicylic acid, and 14% Resorcinol this superficial chemical peel is a gentle but effective exfoliation that brightens and tightens your skin leaving you feeling rejuvenated and glowing. This treatment will help minimize redness, fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and increase elasticity leaving you with smoother, firmer skin. The SkinONE Gentle Brightening Peel Facial is recommended for all skin types; even those with dry, sensitive skin or rosacea.

  • Indications: dry, sensitive, rosacea, aging skin, evens out skin tone and texture

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