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SkinOne Clinic, Vancouver BC
SkinOne clinic Dr Klok, Vancouver BC



Dr. Jennifer Klok is a board certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. She runs a cosmetic and general reconstructive surgery practice in West Vancouver, BC. Dr. Klok is dedicated towards improving the physical and emotional well-being of patients through plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Whatever cosmetic procedure you have in mind, Dr. Klok is ready to discuss your options.


Just like picking the perfect song for that mixtape was essential, it’s crucial to choose skincare tailored for your needs!

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Ditch the mainstream beauty counters! Elite medical-grade skincare lines often collaborate exclusively with physician-associated clinics, prioritizing strength, effectiveness, and proper guidance. You won’t find them at Shoppers or retail chains. If you have never used active ingredients, you are in for a shock once you see the difference in results!

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